Friday, March 30, 2012

Railroad Prototype Modelers-Valley Forge Report, and some progress..

I attended the Railroad Prototype Modelers Meet-Valley Forge PA and I gave a clinic on the Ma & Pa and how I'm modeling it in HO scale.  I'm pleased to report that despite the late clinic time, 10pm, it was well attended, and I think well received.  I had a great time giving the clinic and a bunch of my friends gave up some bar time (though they seemed to bring the bar with them ;) to support me, and give me some lighthearted ribbing.

Tom Schmeider, Craig Bisgeier, and Ted Pamperin settle in with their drinks for the clinic. 

Jim Schwietzer joins the others.. by the looks on their faces nothing good can come of this..

I did have my Stoli Martini, straight up, with a twist.  Jim is doing his best "you looking at me?"
The guys busted me a little during the clinic (payback is a b**ch) and even a few total strangers got into the act, but it was all in good fun, and it made for a humorous, and hopefully informative clinic.  I received a lot of positive feedback, and I made some new connections for Ma & Pa information.

When I returned home, I continued to work on laying track on the helix and I have about 3/4ths of it installed.  I also took time to experiment with some inexpensive plastic flashing material used I think for installing gutters.  I used it as a guard rail to keep derailed trains from plummeting to the floor inside the helix.  I think it works well, and it was only about $4 for a ten foot section.  A relatively inexpensive solution.

Track laying is progressing down the helix.

To protect derailed trains from plummeting to the floor, I'm trying out some inexpensive plastic flashing material screwed to the side of the inner roadbed, not that I'll ever have any derailments in there...

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