Sunday, April 22, 2012

Just because it's quiet doesn't mean I'm not making progress..

When it gets to be long intervals between posts it can only mean two things: I'm goofing off (I blew through all the levels of Angry Birds Space already so that's not the case) or I'm getting a lot of work done and have no time to blog.. which I'm happy to report is the case. :)

Here is what I've been able to accomplish in the time since my last post:

I worked on how to secure the movable helix to the layout.

I drilled out the connecting plates on the helix to match the bolt holes already present on the layout section.  These holes are at a standard location on every section so the helix can be bolted theoreticaly to any of the other sections in the future if need be.

Here we are looking from underneath the section the helix is bolted to.

Here is the same bolted connection looking from inside the helix.

I finished laying down the camper tape (topper tape) on both levels of the layout that connects directly to the helix, and then I laid down the cork roadbed on top of the tape on the mainline sections.  I will not be putting cork on the industrial sidings so that I have a slight track level difference like you would see on the prototype.

Cork roadbed laid down on top of the camper tape on the lower level.

Cork roadbed being laid down on the camper tape on the upper level.

I can't go to much beyond this point with the roadbed because I'm out of cork and have an order in for more, plus more flex track, with The Model Railway Post Office.  Once it's delivered I'll move on to the other sections along the back wall.

The last thing I worked on this week was to work out a design for the two bridge sections that span the distance between the two wall sections.  These bridge sections need to be removable so I can access the sump pump room in case of emergency.

The lower level bridge goes in.  The door to the pump room is visible behind the bridge section.

Both levels are in on the bridges.

It was a productive week, though not without a few hiccups (repeat after me.. measure twice cut once..AGAIN.. measure twice cut once..AGAIN..) But I had fun and I'm starting to see measurable progress.  I don't want to jinx myself, but I am shooting to start having some shake down sessions (I know Marty, you call them sea trials..) by the middle to end of this summer and I think there is a good possibility of obtaining that goal.  I can't wait!


  1. Ah, I see you have been holding out on us....I'm coming over to run some trains! LOL!

  2. Midwest HO cork roadbed is about 18 scale inches high. Below it the width of the camper tape makes a proper subroadbed. How will this height of cork relate to Ma & Pa practice? Check the photos in Hilton, specially page 97. Should the cork be eliminated and the flex track go directly on the camper tape?
    Dick Bradley

  3. Ralph, unless I get some battery powered locos soon there won't be anything running unless I get track and wiring in. :p