Sunday, June 24, 2012

Back in the Spotlight..

I was interviewed by my friends Craig Bisgeier and Ryan Anderson from the Model Railcast Show this past week, and the new show, show #166, will come out sometime this week.  Having been formerly in radio a while back (I was the general manager and also a radio personality on a small local radio station in the Northern NJ area) always brings back fun memories from that particular time in my life.

I hadn't been on for awhile (well over a year) and I had great time talking with the guys again.  They specifically were interested in talking about helix design, and in particular, my backbone style helix.  It was a good discussion and I was able to share with them what I learned while building my helix.

If your not to sick of my coverage of the trials and tribulations of building my helix (seems like that's all I posted about for a long time) then download the podcast and take a listen.   I'd like to hear what you thought of the show. :)

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