Monday, July 29, 2013

20,000 Thanks!

When I signed onto blogger tonight I saw that the blog just hit it's 20,000th view!  I'm amazed by that, and the fact that I've kept at it this long.  Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to visit!  I really appreciate the support and feedback I've received since I started this blog. :)

I had hoped to have a longer progress report post up this past week, but I've run into a delay.  I was hoping to use a couple of photos of the prototype's location to go along with my photos of the modeled version of the location.  I wanted to do the right thing by asking permission and giving the proper credit for the photos.  Rudy Fischer from the Ma & Pa RR Society has been trying to help me by contacting the photographer, but as of today, we've gotten no response.   I'll wait a little while more, but if I have to I'll just publish the post without the pictures. 

Thanks again for visiting and supporting my Ma & Pa RR 1943 blog. :)


  1. If you can't get permission, just use photos of you in the sombrero in their place.

  2. Yes! I have many El Sombrero pictures and I'm not afraid to use them. ;)