Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Where is this Wednesday #15

Where is this?

Photo of #61 from my personal collection.  BTW, this is one of the half dozen or so pictures I'm using to build my model of #61. :)

Thanks again to Dick Bradley for not only allowing me to use his photo, but also for providing the answer for last week's Where is this Wednesday.  And no Art, it isn't Little Gunpowder Bridge. :)  Check the comment section from last week's post to see the answer.


  1. Ted,
    Oh........ you and Dick are clearly correct about the Kending trestle, a wood trestle, since both Gunpowder bridges were steel.
    Regarding your current photo....I am unable to answer now, as I am about to eat a Berger cookie. 8>)

  2. Baltimore, Md. Dick Bradley