Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In the begining...

OK, actually the layout has been in progress for awhile but I finally decided to try and post to this new blog and update what has been going on as it pertains to progress on the layout.  This is my second attempt at a blog with the first being one about the East Broad Top RR that I started but had to give up on when I ran into some financial difficulties last year.  I'm hoping to give updates on a regular basis, but honestly I don't know how some of my friends and other modelers do it.  An example is one of my favorite blogs, Bernie Kempinski's USMRR.  If you look at his progress on the layout it makes you wonder when does he have the time to post to his blog!  Same goes for friends Dave Ramos (NYHRR.com) and Craig Bisgeier (Housatonicrr.com) posting to their websites!  I know, time management is key, and I suck at that at times. ;)  But I will try.

This time around I've chosen to model the Ma & Pa RR (Maryland & Pennsylvania RR) set in 1943.  It's being built along two walls of my townhouse basement with one removable peninsula into the middle of the room that will only be up for operating sessions.  The room has to be still used as a family room when there isn't an op session thus the reason for the limit in its size for now at least.

This is the most current track plan for the lower level.  The upper level design is still being worked on.
The track plan shown above is just about in its final stage.  I'm working on a few minor changes in the York PA.Yard.  

The bench work is made from Gator Foam (with the exception of the helix) and is sectional for moving in case that ever happens.  I will follow up with a post about this Gator Foam bench work later.  I also have an article being published in the next Layout Design Journal (the Layout Design SIG's publication) on Gator Foam bench work, which will be out in late August.

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