Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hump Day

I know, It's not Wednesday.  And if it were, I definitely wouldn't be posting a "Wordless Wednesday" post like I see so many other blogs do, posting random photos just so they run up their post totals. My friend Reilly seems to be the only one doing this that actually has photos that fit his layout's subject matter.. but I digress..  No, this post entry has nothing to do with Wednesdays and the traditional Hump Day meaning.  It has more to do with finally ridding the layout of one major operating headache and that's the hump that appeared at the beginning of the yard lead in York.  At first I felt it wasn't so bad till my friend Jim Schwitzer stopped by with his friend Galen to see the layout and test out some trains.  While running cars over the hump every so often they would uncouple.  We talked about some possible solutions that were short of tearing out the track and roadbed to level out the section.  There were a few turnouts there and I didn't want to have to pull them up if possible.  Jim suggested shimming a few spots further away from the hump to try and make it not as severe.  After they left I tried it, and it seemed to do away with the uncoupling problem.  All seemed well till this little guy arrived on the property..

Number 30 is the first engine back from the painter and DCC/Sound decoder installer.
The engine ran beautifully, with many pick up wipers installed, a TCS KA1 Keep Alive capacitor, Tsunami Sound etc... until it met "THE HUMP" where it promptly jumped the rails.  The little 0-6-0 could not run over the hump without derailing.  That settled it.  The track and roadbed had to come out.

One turnout, plus track and roadbed had to come up.

I was able to pull up the track and one turnout without damaging them.  I used a Surform tool to level out the foam, put down new cork and reinstalled the track and turnout.  I then reconnected the feeders, and test ran some trains through the section with number 30.  Everything runs fine now with no uncoupling, or derailments.

Everything back together and perfectly level.

 Now to move onto the other items on the punch list they left me...


  1. P.S. - nice to finally see the "Million Dollar Loco", too.

  2. Galen, Gallan, tomato, oh you get the jist. :p I'll fix it. And to bad the million dollar engine has the lettering in the wrong spot on the tender. My fault for not giving them a clearer picture. :(