Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Answer is..

The answer to Where is This Wednesday #2 is:  Jim Gallagher on November 10, 1955, took the photo of Engine #43 on the Gross Trestle in Harford County.

You can obtain a signed copy of one the most iconic pictures taken of the Ma & Pa on the Societies Merchandise page for $20.  


  1. Gross Trestle was #316, indicating that it was 31.6 miles from Baltimore. It was 0.7 miles south of the site of the Sharon, Md. depot. Gross Trestle was 453' 1" feet long and had a maximum height of 47' 5" In the photo the box car is MPA 729 and the caboose is MPA 2003. Dick Bradley

  2. Hi Dick,

    Was it true when the Ma & Pa double headed steam on a train they would put enough distance between the engines as not to have both on the trestle at the same time?


  3. Hi Ted: Quoted from Hilton, page 68, photo caption: "Southbound freight makes its way onto the Gross trestle. The road engine will have left the trestle before the helper goes on it. The trestle could take two of the light consolidations. if separated, but the railroad avoided putting two of the 41 - 43 series on it." Dick Bradley