Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Where is this Wednesday #1

OK I've vaguely complained in the past about blogs with Wordless Wednesdays and I'm not starting that here.  My friend and fellow blogger Darel Leedy has on his blog about his Colorado & Southern layout what he calls Roper's Snapshot Saturday (Roper is his highly intelligent dog who has an eye for picking out unique photos of the C&S) and instead of being a week excuse for a post to run up post numbers, it starts conversations and contributions from his blog readers.  Even though I have virtually  little knowledge of the C&S, I find it highly entertaining reading what people post about the photos.  So in the spirit of Roper and his snapshot Saturdays, I'm starting here my Where is it Wednesdays. Although I do not have a smart dog like Roper to pick out my pictures, I will muddle through and try to post pictures of the Ma & Pa and see if you my readers can guess where the location is.

So without further adieu, we'll start week 1 with the cover photo for this blog:

Where is this? :)


  1. Pennsylvania?
    Obviously I am looking forward to this as I am an eager learner!

  2. Now, Ralph and Darel, you both had a 50/50 chance at getting the state right. Darel you got it right. Ralph you didn't. Sorry, so sorry. Now where in PA is this picture? I have a suspicion Art knows. ;)

  3. Should I reveal the answer on Pi Day 3.14.15

    or Give them another chance? 8>)

  4. 3.14159265359
    Happy Once in a Lifetime Pi Day 3.14.15 !!!!
    What does this have to do with the Ma & Pa? As promised it is the day to reveal the location of Ted's blog cover photo.
    Drum Roll please................

    It is a typical sharp curve near Bryansville, Pa. Photo by Wm. Moedinger, c. 1940.

    Enjoy you pies.

  5. Thanks Art.I was so close!
    I'm sure the next one will be easier. Lol
    I'm looking forward to the added prototype information on your blog Ted.

  6. Thanks for playing everyone! Art, thanks for the answer on this special Pi Day. :) Next week will be a little easier Darel. ;)

  7. Hey Ted, it's Wednesday over your way!