Friday, July 6, 2012

RIP Mr. Nipper.. We progress on in your memory..

Today, in a flurry of track cutting and fitting, my trusty nipper gave its life in the pursuit of reliable, and neat track work.

RIP peace Mr. Nipper :(

I was cutting flextrack when Mr. Nipper (OK, maybe the heat is getting to me :p) snapped off one of his cutting edges.  I had bought him on one of our bi-annual trips to Hong Kong, where Amy is originally from, in a HK version of an American dollar store.  They are known as $10 stores, and I frequent this particular store on the Kowloon Peninsula each time we visit HK.  The exchange rate is a very consistent average of $7.70 HK to $1.00 US, so you can figure I paid about $1.35 for him.  I've literally made thousands of cuts with him, so I definitely think I got my moneys worth. 

Luckily, I have another pair of flush cutting nippers that I had bought awhile back at Home Depot, which I'm using now.  But my trusty Mr. Nipper will truly be missed. :(

The following are progress shots of what I have accomplished since the last posting, and to which Mr. Nipper gave his life. :p

First before starting anything else I caulked down the turnout, siding and connecting track at National Biscuit.

I cut in the turnouts and sidings for W.M. H Ottemiller (forground) and Peoples Fuel (background).
While starting to plan out the yard ladder in York, I realized that the actual track arrangement according to a map that I have, would flow better than the one I drew up in Cad Rail, so I'm modifying the yard as I lay in the turnouts and track.

This is my version of the yard in York, PA as originally drawn up in Cad Rail

Here is the beginning of the yard throat.
One of the few benefits of the heat wave here in the US has been that I've had a good excuse to work on the layout in my nice, air conditioned basement. :)   In fact, looking at my iPhone, the weather APP says it is still 97 degrees F. (36 degrees C. for my Australian friends) at 4:30pm.  I think I'll head back to the basement...

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