Friday, November 8, 2013

"Action is the foundational key to all success."- Pablo Picasso

The dust has settled and I can say without a doubt the rebirth of the NJ Layout Design/Operations Sig joint meet was a great success!  Over 100 people attended the meet and everyone had a great time!  To think it was conceived and started to be planned just 3 months prior is amazing.  Check out the website for a wrap up and some pictures taken at the meet.

Now, as for progress on the layout:  Nothing spurs you into action to get stuff done like a hard deadline.  My layout, along with 10 others, were to be on the day two layout tour, and I pushed to get some major things done to make it look better.  Valances, the Sign-O-Matic signs, and the remaining LED lighting were installed. 

Keeping with my mantra of using lightweight materials to build non-permanent parts to the layout, I bought 3 of these black foam-core tri-fold project boards from AC Moore and Michaels.  Using their 40-50% off coupons I got these for around $9-$10 each and had more than enough material after separating the 3 boards for all of the valance.

I fastened the short section valance to the low hanging ceiling (there is duct work at that spot) using 3M Velcro Command Strips.  The LED strip was attached to the ceiling.

For the main section of the layout I used 1x3s fastened to the studs.  I used small pieces of 1x3 to make a "T" at the edge where the foam-core would be fastened.  I used black drywall screws to fasten the foam-core to the "T" sections.  Above shows how it turned out.  Furring strips were fastened across the the top and the 5050, 300 per meter LEDs were attached to them.  

Here we have the Ma & Pa logo and direction arrows installed.  Direction indication is crucial since the Ma & Pa was a North/South railroad.  Couple that with the change in direction once you travel from the lower level to the upper level and you can see the potential for confusion if the direction isn't indicated.

Here is part of the layout showing direction and town signs installed.

Lastly, I test fit my Walther's turntable.  The turntable at York was 80' but the Walther's kit is 90'  It's a compromise but once I modify it to resemble the York version I think it will look good.

I've also been working on more backdrops, this time on the helix, and will post photos on the next update.