Tuesday, August 8, 2017

First Official Op Session in the Books!

Saturday, July 29th, I invited over some of the guys who have helped me in various ways through the years with the layout.  Dave Ramos, Ralph Heiss, Ted Pamperin, Jim Fawcett and Tim Moses came by and ran the Ma & Pa and it's operating scheme through its paces.  We found some small problems that I will address before the next session, but all in all everyone said they had a good time. :)

Dave Ramos consulting with Agent Mulder while Tim Moses is saying "I don't know this guy.."

Ted Pamperin and Ralph Heiss were the yard crew in York.  Here they switch some of the local industries within yard limits.

Tim Moses was the engineer on Train 32.  Here he waits for direction from Conductor Dave Ramos while Agent Mulder looks on.

Cars spotted at York Coke and Coal.

Yard Crew Conductor Ted Pamperin contemplating his next move.

Train 12 arrives in Yoe, PA.

Train 31 is running late and is in the siding waiting on Train 12 to pass.

Trains 12 and 31 make the meet at the passing siding just outside of Yoe, PA.

Train 7, with gas electric number 61 makes its stop in Yoe.

Aside from being nervous prepping for and hosting my first official op session on the layout, I had a blast, and I thank the guys for coming out and making the Ma & Pa come alive again!