Wednesday, September 17, 2014

All Quiet on the Western Front..

It's been awhile since my last post, but considering not much has happened on the layout since the beginning of the summer, there really was nothing to write about.  We did some traveling, and I finished up work on settling my Mom's estate.  So things have been quiet modeling wise here.

Recently I traveled down to Fredericksburg, VA and attended the Mid Atlantic RPM Meet that was put on by my friend Norm Wolf.  

This is the second year for this meet and it was a lot of fun!  Over 120 people attended, which is almost double from last year!  It's always nice to meet up with friends that I only get to see at these meets and we always have a great time catching up with each other.  Make sure you don't miss this meet next year!

I normally do not take too many pictures of models, but when something that interests me shows up at a meet, I'll take some photos. Two models that really caught my eye were brought to the meet by Matt Hurst who models the Huntington and Broad Top RR.  The H&BT is the other railroad that called the area around the Broad Top coal fields home.  Lesser known then it's more famous neighbor, The East Broad Top RR, it still was a interesting line that you don't see too many people modeling.  Matt's models, two of the H&BT's 2-8-0s, were beautiful and I'm very jealous of anyone who has the talent  to scratchbuild steam locomotives.  Well done Matt!  

Here are pictures of both H&BT 2-8-0s Matt Hurst built.  Numbers 32 and 33. 

Attending RPM meets, and other model railroad events have a tendency to get you going again when there has been a lull in modeling on your home layout.  I'm feeling more motivated and I have been heading down to the basement more frequently since coming back from the MARPM. :)  Look for an update shortly.

Now, if you live in the NY/NJ Metropolitan area or you have allways dreamed of visiting beautiful central NJ, I have just the ticket for you:  Come out to the Second Annual NJ LD/OP Sig and RPM Meet at Union County Vocational -Technical Schools in Scotch Plains NJ, October 25th and 26th, 2014!  

OK so you really never dreamed of visiting NJ.  But I'm sure you'll have a great time, and hopefully get motivated to keep on modeling if you come out to the meet.  We have over 11 speaker/clinicians (including Tony Koester and Bill Schamburg) and 11 layouts on tour (3 on Sat. 8 on Sunday).  Check out our website at:

Or follow us on Facebook at:

Make your plans now and hopefully we'll see you at the meet!