Friday, July 27, 2012

¡Viva El Sombrero!

Well.. It's finally happened.. the Sombrero came down Wednesday night.  It hung in defiance for many months, resisting being taken down.  But alas.. It was in the way of the backdrop being tested, so it HAD TO COME DOWN.

The following pictures celebrate THE SOMBRERO.  ¡Viva El Sombrero!

These also go out to Riley.  Why?  Because I know he appreciates a nice sombrero when he sees one.  :p

Ralph Heiss was given the honor of officially taking down El Sombrero.

We all thought it would be fitting to celebrate El Sombrero by posing for pictures with it on..

Senor Heiss, OLE!

Senor Ramos, OLE!

Senor DiIorio, OLE!

  Long live El Sombrero!

A serious update to follow shortly..


  1. I am deeply saddened to hear of his untimely demise, but I rest comfortably in the knowledge that El Sombrero will make a triumphant return to the village someday!

    ¡Viva El Sombrero!

  2. AH! Do not count El Sombrero out just yet.. It was hung back up on a different wall in the basement.

    El Sombrero Lives! :)