Friday, December 28, 2012

Installing feeders Gangnam Style...

We're on Christmas break this week so I've been making the most of my time and have installed feeders on all of the main sections of the layout.  I also started getting them installed on the helix and should have that done by the weekend.  After that, the only section left to add feeders to would be the York Station section.  But there is no track on it yet, so that makes it very hard to add feeders, but I digress..

By the beginning of next week I should be able to start installing the bus wires and start connecting the feeders to them.  I also need to figure out where I will put my DCC system and circuit breaker boards.  I have everything already mounted on Masonite (from my previous layout) so it's just a matter of finding the optimal spot under the layout to locate and install everything. 

As most of you who have been following this blog for awhile know, I do get distracted by iPhone Apps from time to time. Angry Birds Space (how could you resist birds with light sabres) and Bad Piggies (The Pigs from Angry Birds and the whole saga from their point of view.. Oh and Rovio.. UPDATE PLEASE!!) have been the most recent time killers, but the latest App to waist my time, in a fun way of course, has been the Gangnam Dance Booth.  Gangnam Style is taking the world by storm, so instead of boring you with more pictures of dangling feeders I give you:

Hey maybe I'll follow George Dutka's lead and make it a weekly feature if you like it!  I can have one of my friends each week dancing Gangnam Style.  It could be called Gangnam Style Saturdays!  I think the Commodore will be up first. ;)


  1. Oh, look who woke up? Of course if you DO do that, you DO realize that in the immortal words of Bugs Bunny, "You know of course, this means war!"

    Wassa matter, feeling guilty that I've been posting so much and barely a peep from you? Hmm? LOL!

    Now get back to wiring so we can run the blasted thing, I want first train down the helix at Warp 5!

    Me? I'LL be busy composing another blog post, and painting some fascia today!

  2. Trying to usurp my Sherriff of Bloganham title? And who just woke up? I think I need to blind you with some statistics blogger boy.. I've posted 5 posts in the month of December. You, 4. Nov me 4, you 0, Oct me 2, you 0, Sept me 4, you 1, Aug me 2, you 0, July me 5, you 0, June me 6, you 0, May me 4, you 0, April me 4, you 2, March me 4, you 2, Feb me 6, you 6, Jan me 6, you 4. Totals for 2012, me 52 posts, you 19 posts. HA!

    Wanna come over and help me do some wiring this week buddy? :)

  3. HA! LOL! You SURE do have a lot of time on your hands to figure that out, what is your name Craig? LOL! Sure, shoot me a e-mail or call me, we'll figure it out...