Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nothing But Smoke and Mirrors..

I was asked by Chuck Diljak from the Garden State Division of the NER (NMRA) if I'd be willing to open the layout up during the joint GSD and NJ Division meet to be held in Jackson NJ, in early May.  I said I would, but told him there is virtually no scenery, and I wondered who from the local divisions would be interested in a layout without scenery.  Chuck assured me that a lot of people would like to see a layout that's under construction (being a member and former officer in the LDSIG I know what he's getting at) and he asked me for some pictures with captions that he could send along to the NJ Div. guys for their website and publication.  So I posed some of my equipment on the layout with some strategically placed building flats, grass mats, and a white board as the backdrop, and took some photos.  Below are the results.  Not great, but better than bare Styrofoam.

      #6 is passing through York, PA with train #8, the Baltimore Mail.

#26 a 2-8-0 consolidation, switches the Hoover Truck Body Plant,
in the same location in York.

 #43 switches the scale track at B Yard in York. 
The scale track is an operating gauntlet track.

 #43 pauses in B Yard in York, PA.

I also sent Chuck photos of the Helix with a description, but I won't bother everyone with yet ANOTHER photo of the HELL-LIX. ;)

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