Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thank You NCE..

My Powerhouse Pro DCC command station came home today.  It showed up at my door (with a little  help from the USPS) and I didn't even realize the repair crew at NCE had worked on it and were shipping it back to me.  I had expected a call from them telling me what was wrong and how much it would cost to fix it, but here it was, back at my house.  I opened the box and inside was the repair slip describing the work they did.  They determined the micro-processor on the 5 amp booster was bad and they replaced it.  In the space on the invoice where the price for service would be, a N/C and $0 was there.  I have to tell you my system is about 8 years old and well out of the warranty period, yet they replaced the chip and mailed the command station back, no charge!

The Command Station arrived safe and sound.

Proof that NCE stands behind their products!

Now I can return command station Craig Bisgeier lent me (thanks again Craig!).  Also, Jim Scorse and his crew are to be commended for running such a great customer service oriented company.  Thanks NCE!

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