Saturday, October 5, 2013

Signs, Signs, Everywhere are Signs..

You may remember a while back I had finalized the sign design for my layout with the help of my friend Jim Fawcett.  I had ordered the signs from Sign-O-Matic sign company: 

which is located in Sweden.  The signs turned out great but I'm realizing I could use a few more to cover other sections of the layout.  Then the other day while visiting their site, I saw a promotion to get a few free signs to bloggers (up to $20 USD worth) and I figured now was a good time to order more signs, get a couple for free and promote their service which I'm extremely happy with.

How the signs looked after arrival.

The sign for York, PA test mounted.

I like how the signs will look on the layout, but now I'm thinking I'd like to get a few more Ma & Pa logos along with some more direction arrow signs and at least one more each of the Red Lion and York signs.  Both towns cover two sections on each deck (remember, the layout is L-shaped) and I'm feeling each section should be labeled along with extra direction indication arrows.  So I'm sending in another order this week, so I'll get the signs with plenty of time to spare to get them mounted before the LD/OP Sig Meet layout open house.

So you say you want in on Sign-O-Matic's offer:  Well if you have a blog you can do the following-

To receive your signs free of charge, (up to $20 USD) all you need to do is to write a post about them in your blog.  

The post must contain a link to their website. Please include a link to one of the following webpages: - with the word signs - with the word name badges - with the word door signs

When you have done this, you may order your signs. Before you confirm your order you must supply the address so that they can find your post.

So click on the Sign-O-Matic link to the right in the links section and start designing your own signs.

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