Friday, February 10, 2017

Proof of life..

It's one thing to say the blog isn't dead, but that needs to be backed up with "Proof of life",  So after some prodding from others I decided it's time to get off my ass and write something.  I know I mentioned in the last couple of posts about other interests model railroad wise, and that I was exploring pursuing them, but they were never more than possible side projects.  One side project gaining momentum is some modern themed Freemo modules based loosely on the B&M in the Guilford era.  But, again, that's a side project.  The Ma & Pa is still alive and well.

I've been working on building up my scenery skills, and when I have some more scenes finished that I'm happy with I'll post some pics to the blog.

Two items that have been causing delays in getting operations started have been addressed: the two potable staging modules have been fitted and are ready to go, and two trouble spots that had been plaguing train operations have been fixed after much time looking for solutions.

This section going into B Yard had a hump in it that would cause cars to uncouple.  I found the solution to be shimming the blue board from underneath one of the cross braces.

I also pulled up some of the track and switches to shave down the cork at the joint between the two modules.

Number 42 and this curved turnout did not get along.  After much testing I finally figured out the gaps at the frog were too big and that's where 42 was derailing.  I filled them with styrene strip and now 42 passes through with no problems.

The staging modules at Red Lion.  Note the manual turntable to turn engines for the return run.

Long time readers will be happy to see El Sombrero is still hanging around. ;)

This shot shows both York and Red Lion staging modules installed.

So, things are still moving along on the Ma & Pa and I'm hoping to schedule another shakedown op session within the next month.


  1. Welcome back to the keyboard. I'm glad to read that the M&Pa remains your main focus. Rework can be a pain, with self recrimination about why didn't I do it right the first time as well as the time lost in rework which might have been devoted to the satisfaction of new modeling. Older modeling of New England railroads seems to appear often in the magazines. Your Guilford era equipment will be quite a contrast. With no new snow to shovel I'll have time to work on the Red Lion Table Co. Dick Bradley

  2. Hi Ted. Welcome back to the living with your proof of life. And to piggyback on Dick's comments, good to see that the Ma & Pa will remain in the forefront for now. My proof of life is in the typing of this note. Heart attack on Jan 3 and triple bypass Jan 5. Progressing well and starting to re-think my own stalled Ma&Pa. Maybe cut it back some. Hope get cleared for garage activities by March. Keep plugging away and enjoy the modeling.
    Art Kuperstein