Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sanity is vastly overated...

OK I have a few days till the guys come over to help me straighten out the issues with the helix, so I'm trying to keep my sanity, and I decided to work on something else before I take a sledge hammer to the monster..

I have only finished off a few of the turnouts I've built for the layout, so I spent the day working on the rest.  About 20 or more needed to be gapped (the frog and PC ties) and they all need to have the Fast Tracks Quick Sticks glued on so they can be ready for installation.  Working on the turnouts was a welcome change and I really want to start on some of the other sections of the layout so I can progress towards getting something running.

Cutting the gaps in the frog and the ties.

Gluing the turnout to the Quick Sticks.  "There is nothing like the smell of Pliobond in the morning..."

One down many more to go..

As I cut the gaps today, I thought about some of the developments that are coming down the pike in our hobby in the very near future.  A couple of different sources are coming out with battery powered DCC control for locomotives and I'm hesitating jumping into wiring the layout.  The Stanton Cab by Northwest Shortlines is out there now (See Bernie Kempinski's post on it in his blog at but I'm leaning towards something being developed by my friend Duncan McRee from Tam Valley Depot which utilizes the DCC system I already own.  You may have seen this video already but if you haven't, take a look. 

One certainty is that Model Railroading is advancing fast.

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