Friday, February 10, 2012

Slow sledding...

I have been working on the layout, the helix in particular, but progress has been slow.  I've started laying track on the helix but I have 3 turnouts to cut in and the whole process is slow and a bit tedious.  I'm trying to take my time to get the curves flowing nicely, and to get the track work down right the first time.  This is my first time working with Micro Engineering flex-track so I'm trying to get the hang of "flexing" it using a stick rubbed along the outer edges to coax it to the curvature I'm trying to get.  If you have ever worked with it you know it's not truly flexible like Atlas flex.  I'm working on getting it to the right curvature before I go back and glue it down with caulk. 

Working on curving the flex track and placement of the turnout for the passing siding.

Getting the curves smooth and flowing is a slow process, but I really want to get it right the first time.

I've also started gluing the Fast Tracks Quick Sticks to the turnouts I have built.  I'm not liking working with the Pliobond contact cement recommended by Fast Tracks, which they supplied when I bought the turnout building kit.  It's taken a couple of tries before I got the hang of how to use it and the fumes are awful.  The ingredients list shows Pliobond contains MEK, which is nasty stuff, and I'd much prefer to use another alternative if someone knows of something better, less toxic to use.  For now I'll keep using it, but with a respirator for safety.

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