Thursday, May 24, 2012

Progress.. no really, I did make progress..

Usually when I promise to make an update shortly after a blog post, I jinx myself and wind up not making another post again for an extended period.  That doesn't mean I haven't made some progress on the layout, it just means I'm slacking off on my updates to the blog.  Here is what's been happening lately with construction:

I lined up the helix and the two levels.  The helix entrance was 2 inches too low and needed to be raised up to meet the lower level at the right spot.

All the roadbed is in on this section of the lower level.  I used Dick Bradley's idea of using three strips of N-Scale cork for the sidings.
The roadbed is in on both bridge sections.  The lighter cork is from MRPO and it is their own brand of cork roadbed.  It was $10 cheaper per case than the Midwest cork but the jury is out on it right now.  It is a little higher in its profile compared to the Midwest cork, and the Midwest cork seams a little more flexible than the MRPO version.

Some turnouts need to be curved turnouts.  I'm experimenting with Central Valley turnout kits.  I'm building the components in my fast tracks jig, minus the pc ties, and then I will install them in place on the layout on top of the Central Valley turnout tie strips, like the one shown above.

I bought cork sheets from Target and laminated them down in the York Yard area.

Upper level progress.
The roadbed is laid to the end of upper level (two more sections need to be built to finish the upper level).  OK I'm just being obstinate about the sombrero now.  It will come down when the backdrop goes up.. Really.. it will..

This week I will be start laying flex-track and turnouts.  I'm confident I will be able to keep my schedule of having a shakedown session for the end of the summer. 


  1. Hi Ted: Central Valley turnout kits are very well made and detailed. Their points need careful attention to assure reliable operation. Their rigid ties in the frog area resist curving. I hope your experiments with them are successful. Dick Bradley

  2. Hi Dick,

    I'm building all the track components in the Fast Tracks #6 turnout jig so the points will be solid, not hinged from the frog. With a little modification to the tie strip I think it will work out well :)