Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Starting to look like a layout..

I thought I'd share a picture that shows the entire layout.  It's starting to shape up, and with the bridge sections in, it's really looking like a layout now.

An overall view of the layout.  Don't mind the mess. :)  The sombrero is still hanging in there.

I'm making progress and I promise, I'll have a more complete update later this week.


  1. Hi Ted: The photos of #6 at Bryansville and at Pylesville were taken by Wm. Moedinger, Jr. and most recently appeared in the Summer 2010 issue of the Ma&Pa "Timetable"
    Dick Bradley

  2. Hi Ted: The photo of the train backing up the Dallastown branch is of a steam engine, a baggage/mail and a coach. It is not # 62. I suspect it was taken by Wm.Moedinger and is the same train seen in the other photos. Dick Bradley

  3. Hi Dick,

    Thanks for getting the information on the photographers who took the pictures! Now they can be properly credited.