Wednesday, December 31, 2014

ordo ab chao- out of chaos, comes order, part 2..

I've been using my vacation time doing a lot of things I meant to get done around the layout room and haven't.  One of the most important things that I've put off for way to long was to rearrange the layout room/family room to make it easier to work down there more comfortably and to get it back to functioning as a family space.


Old location of my desk/workbench.

My stepson Nick's desk, boxed in by couches, boxes, and various other brick-a-brac.


Sofas and easy chair relocated to a more useful location.  Nick's desk now occupies my desk's old location.  The Large TV will be replaced by a wall mounted flat screen.  Anyone need a TV?

My workbench now is located nearer to the layout.  The computer that will control the JMRI system and WiFi throttles is now where it needs to be.

Since rearranging the space, I've found it so much more comfortable to spend time there and this has meant working on the layout is so much more enjoyable.  I wish I would have done this sooner. 


  1. Room comfort is important.

    Now, get back to work. - Eric

  2. Nice job on the re-arrangement.
    BTW- what is that good looking arched Rolfe Ma& Pa baggage car on the workbench track?
    Happy New Year.
    Art Kuperstein

  3. Eric,

    Aye aye Captain! Full speed ahead. ;)

  4. Art,

    That's #35. I picked it off eBay along with a #33 and a coach a few years ago. I think they were built from old F&C Kits. All 3 need some work. The arched roof on the two mail/baggage cars have partially de-laminated from the body and I'm having a heck of a time trying to re-secure them back. Seems like the roofs are wood, not resin and they warped up off the body. Still working on a solution.