Friday, August 21, 2015

The Mother Load!

I came across a seller on eBay who was offloading a ton of back issues of the Ma & Pa Society's publication, "The Timetable". I managed to win most of the auctions (thank you Auction Sniper :) though a few got away.  All told I picked up well over 40 back issues, some going all the way back to when it was just a photo copied publication with one staple holding everything together at the top.

I have been spending quite a few hours going through them and I've found some valuable info from interviews conducted with older retired Ma & Pa RR men.  They gave lots of great insight into how the RR operated.  Between that and the maps and drawings I'd say I hit the mother load!


  1. Now Ted, are you saying that you haven't finished reading all of them yet? 8>)
    Even so, nice job on eBay. Enjoy the summer reading!!
    BTW - trying to finish up the Summer 2015 TT

  2. Congrats on your acquisition. The 'Timetable' has provided much information to me. And answered some of your postings. Two aids to finding things in the 'timetable' are the Des Norman index; now being updated, and my image index. Dick Bradley

  3. Your welcome glad you could use them, RDS, Delta,PA