Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Where is this Wednesday #18

Where is this?

If anyone is heading out to Portland for the NMRA Convention let me know.  Maybe we can meet up and talk about all things Ma & Pa RR. :)


  1. I've not a clue. But I love this picture. Are those cab curtains I see rolled up in the cab?

  2. Yeah it sure looks like it. Damn it Darel, now I'll have to put them in my locos. LOL

  3. This image appears on the back cover of the Ma & Pa ‘Timetable’ issue for Summer, 2003. Here’s my summary of Rudy Fischer’s caption from that issue: Circa 1950: This photograph was taken from atop the north milk platform of the Baldwin depot. Engine #27 pulling the northbound passenger train is in the hole having backed into the team track. The freight train is not regular #32 but an extra flying white flags. Its power is Army engine #2628. The Government loaned #2628 to the railroad to test its Franklin Poppet valve system. After eighteen months the tests were successfully concluded and the engine returned to its owners. Photo by Ralph A. Morgan

    And from the caption for the Ma & Pa Calendar May, 1995 undated photo taken from the other side of the tracks:
    ‘Standoff...Train #32 (left), with the army engine, holds the main while Train #3 with engine #27 backs “in the hole” on the Baldwin station siding. Freight trains usually had priority on the line, so the passengers had to wait. Dean Garrison Photo’

    Dick Bradley