Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hanging in the basement...

I had a rare moment of motivation (often lacking on weekday evenings do to my schedule and workload during the week) and went down to the basement Monday night to get things ready for Friday’s work session.  Mainly I wanted to move some furniture and other things around to make space for the crew to be able to work on the helix.  I had a bunch of sections that were finished, and ready to be hung, which were leaning against one wall.  I decided to hang them on the brackets in their final locations.  I was able free up a lot of space in the room by doing this.  As a bonus,  with the exception of the double wide section where the York Engine house is located, the pieces that go between the two walls and bridge the opening across the sump pump closet, and two more sections that still needs to be built, most of the layout is now up.  Once the helix is done, I can connect it and start laying roadbed and track on much of the layout.

Upper and lower decks in place, just off where the helix will connect.

Both decks on the back wall.  The lower deck, where York Yard will be located is just missing the double wide piece where the engine house and the mainline branch off to the PRR Interchange.  (Yes, the sombrero still hangs there, but it's days are numbered :)

Just a few more sections need to be added then we'll be ready to lay track in earnest!

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