Monday, November 19, 2012

Blog House Cleaning, or, Getting Rid of Dead Wood..

Maybe I'm just in a funk, or just plane grouchy, but today I decided it's time to bid certain dormant blogs Adieu because I do not feel like promoting blogs whose authors have basically considered them not worth keeping up to date.  Yes, there is information still there that people can glean, but to me they are just taking up bandwidth now.  So, since Mr. Lincoln still hasn't proven he hasn't died and the Georgetown Branch has hit a dead end.. We bid them Adieu.  Maybe we'll revisit when they are updated more than once every ten months or more.

Now let me get off my curmudgeon soapbox and let you know about some of the new blogs I added to my blog roll to the right of this post.  Most I've been following for awhile, but I haven't remembered to add them to my recommended list on this blog, until now.  Just like my favorites from Bernie Kempinski -  US Military Railroad- Virginia 1863, Marty McGuirk- Central Vermont Railway, George Dutka- White River Division  Riley Triggs' two blogs- Port of New York Railroad and Model Railroad Design, and I almost forgot, my good friend Eric Hansmann's blog- Notes on Designing, Building and Operating Model Railroads. The new blogs I've added are updated often and are always an interesting read.  So in no particular order here they are:

Darel Leedy writes a great blog about his Sn3 C&S layout- C&Sn3  Darel is a true artist in S scale!  And I'm always a sucker for anything narrow gauge.  Cowboy Up Darel!

Another great S Scale blog is Trevor Marshall's Port Rowan in S scale  You may know Trevor's name from the many articles he's written for various model railroad magazines.  He's also the co-host of The Model Railway Show.

A.R. Pollard, who lives on the other side of the big pond in the U.K. has a very interesting blog on a variety of Model Railroading topics- No Two Alike  A.R. is an accomplished modeller and she models American prototypes.

Tom Patterson's blog on his Chesapeake, Wheeling and Erie Railroad showcases the beautiful freelanced railroad he is building.

The great thing all these blogs have in common are they are updated pretty frequently and are interesting to read.  Sometimes when I'm having a stressful day, seeing updates from some of my favorite blogs is just what the Dr. ordered to help me relax.  Plus, they help keep me motivated to get more done on my own layout, and to keep my blog updated.  And as time goes on, if more blogs on the blog roll start to fall dormant- 4 months or more between updates (take note Commodore, friends are not immune from my dormant blog wrath) I'll look for new ones to replace them.

Wow!  I feel better now!  I'm glad I got that off my chest. :p


  1. You don't scare me, I'm The Commodore! I DARE you to delete me! Besides, I know where your house is, and you know where mine is......

  2. P.S. - I helped bring your helix into this world, and I can help take it out, too!

  3. Haha that helix will be there long after I'm gone I'm afraid. It's the only non portable part of the layout. :p Oh, BTW, your blog just clicked over to two months since your last post. Just thought I'd point that out Comodore. ;) In the immortal words of Joe Jackson "Time just keeps tick tick ticking in my head"...

  4. Lol guys! I like this philosophy. I've already adjusted my settings to move the most recently updated blogs to the top.
    Thanks for the props Ted!

  5. Sombrero Man scared me, so I have a new post tonight. :)
    I will second the nice morale boosting power of seeing new posts from your favorite blogs show up. It is almost like what getting a handwritten letter with a handful of snapshots included from a distant friend felt like about 30 years ago when people still did such things...

  6. Do not fear the Sombrero my friend, embrace the Sombrero.

    BTW, Amy still hasn't found out I posted her sombrero pic on the blog. ;)

  7. Wow.... well said Riley. I remember how exiting it was to get that envelope in the mailbox.

  8. Complete without a spell checker ( : Lol!