Friday, November 16, 2012

Onward HO!

It's taken well over a week for me to get rested up after the ordeal of Hurricane Sandy.  We got our power back over a week ago and we spent most of last weekend cleaning up and catching up.  During Sandy, and afterward when we didn't have power or heat, I obviously couldn't get work done on the layout and understandably, it was the last thing I was worried about.

Once the winds and rain were gone and we were just dealing with the cold and power issues, I did try to do a little modeling to take my mind off everything.  I worked on three car kits ( I have a bunch that have been on the back burner since I've been pushing to get work on the layout done) and I finished two of them with the third almost done.

Our little generator allowed us to run a couple of lights and our mini fridge.  I needed more light to work on the cars so I used this LED hat brim light to be able to see what I was working on.

This ACL flat was the first of three cars I worked on during the power outage.  I also completed a MILW Ribside boxcar and 3/4 finished a Proto 2000 stock car kit.

I did however spend quite a bit of time in the basement this past week, and made a big push to finish laying roadbed and track on the remaining sections of the layout that needed it.  I'm happy to report that all sections of the layout currently up (the exception being the ramp to T.H. Knisley Coal and the York Station modules which will be worked on shortly) have roadbed and track installed.

Last section before the staging shelf on the top deck.

Just the T.H. Knisely Coal ramp remains needing track.  I'm waiting till I get the building built before install the track here.

This is the passing siding/run around track at the Red Lion Station scene.

I ran out of track again.  As has happened in the past, I thought I had figured out how much track I needed to complete the layout, and once again I was woefully wrong.  I now figure I need at least another 3 bundles of Micro Engineering flex track to finish the York Station modules and the staging shelves.  Yeah, 3 bundles should be enough...

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