Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Where is this Wednesday #8

Where is this?

Photo by Dick Bradley, all rights reserved.

Thanks again to Dick Bradley for the great and informative answer on last week's location.  Check the comment section of that post for his answer.



  1. This early July 1971 Kodachrome slide is of the northerly side of the Hespenheide & Thompson feed mill brick buildings at Beaver and North streets in the city of York, Pa. Hespenheide & Thompson was served by the NC/PRR/PC until hurricane Agnes severed the line in August 1972. York County obtained the line and the Ma & Pa operated it. The abandoned coal dealer was on the Western Maryland whose tracks are in the foreground. Upon dissolution of the WM by the CSX the line was acquired by Emons and then Ma & Pa and Yorkrail equipment was used on it. It is now the York Railway of Genesee &Wyoming Industries Dick Bradley