Saturday, October 8, 2011

Have portable stud, will travel...

So now that we worked out how the sections would be built it was time to work on the layout support system.  As I have stated earlier in this bog, I do not like to mess with finished walls.  I hate spackling and I do not want to have to repair walls if we ever sell our townhouse and move.  So I came up with an idea for adjustable wall studs that brackets would be attached to to hold up the layout.

The above pictures show how the studs work:  I position the stud with the carriage bolt partially extended and push into place.  After making sure the stud is level and plum, I tighten the bolt to secure the stud.  The felt pad (the self sticking kind, cut to the size and shape of the top of the 2x4) protects the ceiling from scratches.  I have since installed 4 of these along the back wall, 4 ' apart.  Shelf brackets will be screwed into these at the correct height for both decks of the layout.  They work great and it takes a lot of force to get them to move out of place once they have been fully tightened.

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