Sunday, October 16, 2011

Studs installed or: Finally! The layout is going up!

This past week I started to install the adjustable/portable studs along the two walls that the layout will occupy.  At first I thought I would need help getting them up, level and plum, but they worked out to be a lot easier to put in by myself then I thought they would be.  I basically just backed out the carriage bolt enough to make enough grip to keep the stud upright.  Once I had it set in place on the wall, I adjusted them with light taps from my hand till they were level, then plum.  Once I was satisfied I then I adjusted the carriage bolt on the bottom with an adjustable wrench till the stud was good and tight against the ceiling.  I set each stud 4 feet apart. 

The above pictures show the studs in place and tightened.  (The sombrero will be moved once the sections go up :)

I went back after a few days and checked each one, and all were still tight against the ceiling.  One other thing I might do as insurance is to use 3m Command Strips fastened to the ceiling just in front and to the sides each stud to ensure they wouldn't go over if they loosened enough to do so.  The 3m Command Strips would still keep with my not damaging finishes on the ceiling because they are removed by pulling the adhesive tab out, which releases the strip.  I'm pretty confident this probably wouldn't be needed, but I still might use this as alittle bit extra insurance.

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