Saturday, October 8, 2011

Updated track plans

Wow!  It's either feast or famine with me when it comes to keeping up with posts to the blog.  I'm on a roll tonight...

I've been working on finalizing the track plans for my version of the MA&PA RR as it was in 1943 and I'm posting them here in this installment. 

The lower deck is pretty much done with the exceptions of the buildings and industries being drawn in.  Note the center peninsula:  That 8' section will be removable and will only be up during operating sessions.  It will be the York Station area and traffic will be fed on and off layout here by staging cassettes on another removable section added to the end of this peninsula.

This is the latest version of the top deck, which will represent Red Lion PA.  I'm still working out some ideas on this deck.  The upper left corner is the station area for Red Lion and around the corner is where staging cassettes will once again be used to bring trains on and off the layout at that end of the railroad.

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