Sunday, November 6, 2011

Now we join together.. or.. First section is up!

It looks like Sundays are my day to get big things done on the layout.  Not that I don't work on anything during the week.  Usually I will build kits, weather cars, work on turnouts etc. small projects that can be done in an hour or so at night.  Today I had time to get some big projects done on the layout. 

Today I joined together two 4' sections with 3/8th" bolts.  If you remember from past posts, I have holes drilled 6" in from each side of the 2'x4' sections where the bolts go though and are tightened with washers and nuts.  Once the two sections where joined and tightened, I hung them on the brackets on the adjustable studs that were setup against wall.  This section is located next to where the helix will be located.

Section of the layout that was hung first.

Using two adjustable wrenches I tightened the nuts onto the bolts joining the two 4' sections.

The two joined sections now hung onto the brackets and secured from the bottom with 1 5/8ths drywall screws.

Brackets under the section.

The front screw is screwed up into the end of the section while the back screws were screwed in on an angle to both secure the section to the bracket and also catching a little of the wood stud for extra security.

While I was at it I decided to start on the sections that make up York Yard.  I had to modify two sections by putting them side by side length wise and joining them with bolts to make the 4'x4' section where the engine house sits.

The York Yard section on the plan.

Joining together the two 2'x4' sections along their length to make the 4'x4' section in the middle of the York Yard part of the layout.

The finished 4'x4' section.

I laid out two more 4' sections on each end of the 4'x4' section and made sure they would go together properly.  I then glued the foam to the top of the 4'x4' section and also one more 2'x4' section that needs to go with these sections.  I also built one more 1'x4' section.  Another productive day! 

Test fitting the York Yard sections.

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