Saturday, November 19, 2011

On my way to information overload, and I'm happy about that!

5 weeks ago I ordered two books from the the Maryland And Pennsylvania Railroad Historical Society.  I paid my money and I waited, and waited... and finally they arrived yesterday.  And I am so glad I was patient because they are well worth it! 

The new additions to my Ma & Pa reference material.

The first book is a plans book that has been available from the society since 2004.  It is Volume Two (The first volume covers the narrow gage years of the predecessor roads).  It's full of Ma & Pa RR structure plans, standard track plans, profile and grade plans, signal plans, bridge plans and more!  What a great resource!

The second book is a brand new book (The first in dept look at the history of the Ma & Pa since Hinton's book) self published by the authors, Henry C. Peden and Jack L. Shagena, Jr.  called "The Ma & Pa Remembered, A History of the Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad". This new volume is full of nice information and never before published photos.  I'm looking forward to what I can learn from the book.  You can buy these books from the society.  The information is on their website at:

The plans book costs $25 and The Ma & Pa Remembered book costs $75.  Both well worth the price.

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